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LINKS to a few of my favorite people, places and things:

Me - my MySpace page,

- my North Star.  He was a Zen monk, poet and calligrapher (sample below).  He has had a huge influence on my art and my life.  A beautiful and gentle soul.  
    Gogo-an - Ryokan's hut, where he spent 14 years.  Some of his best poetry was composed here.    

Santoka - free verse haiku poet and wandering Zen monk

Bada Shanren - a huge inspiration and influence.

Huang Ting Chien - Song Dynasty calligrapher, 1045 - 1100

Huai Su - Song Dynasty calligrapher, 825 - 845

John Cage

Morton Feldman

Lou Harrison

Leonard Kwan
- Hawaiian slack-key guitarist, his album 'The Old Way' is incredible.

Brian Eno

Harry Partch - 17 Lyrics of Li Po.  This series of short settings of the poems of Li Po was hugely influential for me.

Qin - China's oldest musical instrument, the 7-string zither.  The technique and approach (slow, quiet, meditative, incorporating harmonics, finger 'noise' and microtonal shadings) to playing this instrument has had a huge influence on how I play guitar.

Henry David Thoreau

John Pangnark
- Inuit sculptor from Arviat. 

Pawnee Buttes, CO
- my power spot in the universe. 

Whitehorse, WA - Incredibly beautiful and rugged spot close to where I live.

RadioM - a great site with interviews and lectures of 20th and 21st century composers.

Ubu - video, audio and text from a huge range of artists.

- incredible site with photos of ants from around the world.


Xugu: fish and pine

Dr. Seuss - from McGelligot's Pool

Ryokan's calligraphy:

Pawnee Grasslands:

The Land, Virginia Dale, CO: